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Taxi Ride Service Animations

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Customer satisfaction is everything to our animated video production agency. Throughout the process, we maintain transparency and communication. The following steps comprise the entire Explainer Video development process. We assign skilled professionals and a project manager who oversees the overall development to each stage.


This is the first step, which involves gathering references and requirements. We talked about the project at hand and its specifications here. We wanted to make sure that every video we made was innovative, so we started from scratch.


We spend some time before writing the script analyzing the client's website, target audience, approach, and so on. This allows us to deliver relevance so that the video we provide blends in with their platform seamlessly. In this case, we received the script directly from the client.


We create a storyboard to illustrate the script's execution once it has been completed. We created three different storyboards for our client.


Our talented team of professionals understands how to turn an idea into an animated video and bring it to life. Thus, in the case of all the videos, our team had a single successful attempt. Furthermore, we precisely synchronized the voice over with the animation.


This adaptability is the most important requirement when working on a project. However, our team worked quickly and expertly to complete all three videos within twelve working days. The client was not only pleased with our service, but also impressed enough to give us a bonus.

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