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Structure of the essay

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The structure is determined by two requirements. 

First, all of the author's thoughts must be presented in the form of small but informative theses. 

Secondly, “is 99papers legit?”, any thought must be supported by a proof. That is, immediately after the thesis statement is followed by an argument and.

Based on such requirements, the following structure of the essay can be distinguished. It is the introduction, the thesis, the argument, the conclusion. Moreover, the thesis and arguments in the work can be several.

When writing an essay. It’s important to remember the following factors:

The introduction and conclusion should focus all the reader's attention on the main problem of the essay. The introduction describes a specific problem area, and the conclusion summarizes the problem.

To achieve the integrity of the paper, it’s important to keep in mind that each paragraph is indispensable to the entire text. If one of the paragraphs falls out, the meaning of the entire paper must be lost.

The style of the essay pursues it’s emotionality, expressiveness, and artistry. This can be achieved by using simple, short, but at the same time varied in intonation sentences. The writing style, as such, helps to get into the personality of the author.

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