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Printing machine not responding mac device

Carrie Obrien
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If you’re also suffering from printer not responding mac Here are some steps given to resolve your issues.

  • If your printer is connected to your mac certify the line is firmly connected, and also the printer is obstructed into an influence purpose and turned on.
  • if the printer is on the network, certify your mac and also the printer area unit still on an equivalent network, the printer is turned on, and also the network isn’t experiencing issues. whether the network has multiple printers, check that printer you selected — it's going to diverge from the one you're thinking that you selected.
  • if you utilize a shared printer connected to a different mac certify the mac has macOS ten.5 or later put in, isn’t in sleep and has sharing turned on. See Share your printer.
  • If your printer is connected to your computer’s USB port, open System info, then click USB. If the printer’s name seems within the hardware list however the printer doesn’t work, review the printer’s documentation for additional troubleshooting info or see If a USB device doesn’t work with mac.
  • If you continue to can’t print, see the extra troubleshooting info on the mentioned link above.