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Begin with a sentence that will interest the reader. The topic of the essay interests you because you are the author of this essay, but the reader will not necessarily relate to it in the same way. Readers are usually very selective about what they are willing to pay attention to and what they are not. If the first paragraph of mymathgenius review doesn't impress them, they won't read any further, so it's important to start your essay with a sentence that immediately grabs the reader's attention. If that sentence is logically connected to the rest of the text, there is nothing wrong with using it as bait.

Bring readers to the essence of the essay. A good first sentence can grab the reader's attention, but if you don't continue to develop the thought, he or she will quit reading in the middle. The first sentence should be followed by one or two more sentences that logically connect the first sentence and the main text. Usually these sentences serve as a continuation of the first sentence and expand the context.

Tell the reader what your essay is about. More often than not, essays are more than just descriptions. They can't exist just to inform you of something in simple words. As a rule, an essay writer has a specific purpose. An essay may be aimed at getting the reader to change his or her mind about an issue. The writer may also want to persuade the reader to do something for a particular reason or want to shed light on something that is usually misunderstood. He may also want to simply tell a story that would make the reader think. Whatever the writer's intention, the introduction should explain to the reader what the purpose of this essay is. By doing so, the reader will be able to figure out whether or not he or she should read the entire text.

Outline the structure of the essay if you wish. Sometimes at the introduction stage, it is important to think about exactly how you plan to achieve your goal. It can be helpful to break up the essay into separate, clear parts, because this makes it easier for the reader to absorb the text. If you are a student or learner, this skill will come in handy for you, too, because many educators require it. However, it is not a good idea to list all the essay points in an essay. It happens, especially if the essay is written in simple language about something non-serious, that listing the parts makes the text machine-like. Most likely, it will scare off the reader because there is a lot of information in front of him or her at once.

Formulate the main point of the essay, if necessary. The main point is a single sentence that describes the key statement in the essay as accurately and as completely as possible. When writing some essays as an academic paper or part of a standardized exam, having a main clause in the introduction is mandatory. Even if you do not have such requirements, it will be helpful to clearly state the main thesis of the paper. Usually the main statement is placed near the end of the first paragraph, although there are no strict rules.

Set an appropriate tone for your essay. The introduction should not only explain what you are going to talk about, but also tell you exactly how you are going to talk about it. Your writing style is another factor that can attract or repel the reader. If the language in the introduction is simple, pleasant, and appropriate to the topic, your readers will read all the way to the end much more willingly than if the text is confusing, with you jumping from topic to topic, and the tone of the narrative is uneven.

Keep it short! One of the most important rules about introductions is this-the shorter the introduction, the better. If you can communicate all the important information in five sentences instead of six, do so. If you can replace a complex and obscure word with a simple and common one, do so (for example, it's better to correct "initiate" with "begin"). If you can convey the meaning of a sentence in 10 words rather than 12, do so. If you can make your introduction shorter without losing the quality and comprehensibility of the text, always choose the shorter version. Remember that the introduction brings the reader to the essence of your essay and is not the essay itself, so don't stretch the introduction.

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